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10 Priceless Promotions, Bigger Better Bonuses - Online Bingo Explodes

There are only about 10 priceless promotions for bingo players that exist. Oh sure, each one is very different from the other, but in most cases, the same sites generally offer the same types of promos. They may have wagering requirements and or T & C's attached to some of these below. Here's the low-down on what most bingo sites offer as promos.

1. That holiday away in the sun

Lots of bingo sites host holidays away, usually in the form of a raffle style promo

2. Free bingo games for Australian and USA players

It is also quite common for online bingo sites to offer free games to their players via a raffle runner up prize. our favourite Australian bingo site offers both free bingo and casino games options on where to play.

3. Double bonus points for you

Offered more as a random reward than anything else, some bingo sites use comp points and some of them also offer them on special days and with special games

4. Spin the slots tournaments

Yes, it might seem too good to be true, but many online bingo sites also host slots and that means slot tournaments. These tournaments can have high jackpots that can reach as high as a million dollars. These cash prizes if won can be life changing.

5. Big jackpot bingo games

It's one of the most popular promotion for an online bingo site. They love their big jackpot games and for good reason. They attract players from all over the world. These are on-off games, typically held once per month, for a big, big prize.

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6. Gizmos and gadget prize draws

Prize draws in general are common, and for some reason, online bingo sites love to offer the latest gizmos and gadgets in their prize draws. These can include Smart Phones, Laptops, TV's to name a few. Not that we're complaining!

7. Yet more deposit bonuses

Another fairly obvious promotion is the deposit bonus. Aside from the customary welcome bonus, some bingo sites like to throw consecutive deposit bonuses about on special days of the week, month or year. The most popular deposit bonus is on 1st and 2nd deposits. Some bingo sites give a no deposit bonus on sign up and this allows you to play games without making a deposit. This is one of the

8. Spooky/Reindeer themed promotions

These promotions can contain anything at any time. Generally, the major holidays are favoured, with Valentine's Day, Easter, summer, Halloween, Christmas and New Year, the real biggies. Prizes can include getaways vacations, or simply a big, cash jackpot.

9. The big cash jackpot

Yes, sometimes you wonder what they are up to, but online bingo sites sometimes just have a wad full of cash to giveaway in any random way they see fit. Generally, the prize money has some sort of numerical significance, such as winning £22,000 on a New Year's Eve game!

10. Play the chat games

The old classical chat games are another way bingo sites attract players. If you win the game you will win…a prize. These prizes usually include smaller prizes such as points, bonuses, free spins and electronics.

So now you know all their bonuses and promotions. The next time you are offered one of these promos you will not be surprised. Make sure to only play the promos that you want to! These 10 priceless promotions for bingo games are often repeated throughout the year, so you'll always find a time to play any of them.

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