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No limit holdem advanced re buy strategy

At the start of re buy tournaments most players will either play very aggressive getting all-in a bunch of times, and burn through a lot of chips and money, or sit back and try and pick spots to double through.

An effective way to play these is to observe how the players at your table are playing during the first hour of the tournament. If the people at your table are playing very passive then it will be harder to get a stack so the correct play is to move your stack in a bunch of times and try and get lucky to pick up a stack.

If your table is a table where there are constant all-in situations, then you can sit back more and wait for pairs and premium hands to get your money in pots.

The main goal of a rebuy after the break and rebuy period is over is to have a massive amount of chips at your table. The way to get these chips to your table is by doing the previous stated, either put your money at the table to be collected after the rebuy or take other players money to build your table up in chips.

Most professional players will tell you that they will not care how many times they rebuy as long as they cash in the tournament. If it will get you to at least break even, and beyond then it is fine.

Having chips at your table after the first break is imperative to making a run at winning the tournament. Without a good amount of chips at your table, the better players will not be able to win all that often. With a lot of chips at the table every player who considers themselves as tournament pros will see it as an easy game and very simple coast in to the money and possibly to the final table.

Basically, most players will always want chips at the table because if they feel that they are better than their opponents, then they will always have opportunities to get their chips back that they put in to the table earlier.

After the first few hours of a rebuy tournament where tables are starting to be broken up, this is where the best players win. Players are incredibly deep stacked at this point in the tournament because of all of the rebuy's and blinds staying small.

This is pure poker at its finest where virtually the only way players get knocked out at this point is by getting bored and making audacious bluffs at pots or getting big hands coolered. Most players play very tight at the middle to late portion of the tournament so to pick up chips at this point the best way to play is always in position.

Meaning, from the cutoff or from the button play very aggressively and open your range of hands up to almost anything connecting. From this point on in the tournament, the professionals thrive and the weak players go busts so in order to win pick your spots wisely and keep on building your stack to make a run at the final table.

Good Luck at the rebuy tournament tables!


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