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Ten Best Poker Movies

Ben Afflek plays poker with Annie Duke Anyone who has ever played poker can enjoy a good poker movie.

What is more intense than watching a player getting all of the money into the middle of one single pot whenever everything they care for is riding on it? Watching poker movies is a great hobby and a good way to pass some time. Here are our top 10 best poker movies.

10. A Big Hand for the Little Lady - This movie is about a man (Henry Fonda) and his family moving around California when he finds a place with tons of rich players playing big pots. He unfortunately doesn't know how to play poker well nor does he have any money. The story goes on and the man gets into a huge pot when his wife has to take over for him.

9. The Gambler - This film is based on the song by Kenny Rogers and brings to life the tale that he sings about in the song. An old burnt out gambler is on the search to find his long lost son when he comes across a stranger on the way. These two characters go on their adventure full of Kenny giving the stranger advice while they get caught up in all sorts of wacky situations.

8. Loaded Pistols - Loaded Pistols is a country western film starring Gene Autry where the room goes dark in the middle of a huge pot and someone is shot dead. The rest of the film is Autry's adventure to solve the mystery of who the true culprit is and to also protect the man who is being accused of this crime. This is a great country western poker story and it also has some of Autry's famous singing in it!

7. Sunset Trail - This movie is about a cowboy character named "Hopalong Cassidy" (William Boyd) who depicts an Eastern hypochondriac who jitters his way into a big poker game in hopes of winning all of his money back from a corrupt casino owner. This movie is action packed with hole card slinging, gun slinging and face pounding action. This is a must see for any poker action fan.

6. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels - The movie doesn't have too much going on with poker, but is all based around the main characters losing a ton of money to a local crime lord in a rigged game of poker. The friends decide to come up with a plan when they hear the neighbors talking about their own and decide that it's a much better plan.

5. Kaleidoscope - This movie is about Barney Lincoln (Warren Beatty), a filthy lying cheat who is known for using every trick in the book to cheat at poker. In the movie Barney even goes to the extent of sneaking into the factory where they print the decks of cards and marking them all in a way that only he would know!

4. Rounders - Everyone who knows what poker is has heard of the movie Rounders. Rounders is about a poker junkie (Matt Damon) who finally gives up his habit only to get drug back into the scene by an old friend. These two friends end up owing a crime lord a ton of money and have to struggle to get out of their predicament.

3. Maverick - This film is a movie made version of the old television show that is jam packed full of poker movie filler! In this movie Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster are trying to rob cheat and steal their way up to having the $25,000 entry fee for the river poker tournament. The movie shows their struggle as they end up leaving town alongside of Garner who is the lawman that is after them!

2. California Split - This movie is about two California natives (George Segal & Elliot Gould) who have two big things in common. They both get drunk all the time and they both lose a lot of money! The movie goes over the darker side of playing poker and trying to ride the American dream when these two junkies take it too far.

1. The Cincinnati Kid - The movie is about a man from Cincinnati (Steve McQueen) who moves down to New Orleans in an attempt to prove himself as a poker player on the tables. While he is doing this he also has the task of handling the two lovely ladies that come onto him and keep his concentration. The movie is jam packed with fun and a great film for any poker player.

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