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Tips for putting your Poker Bonus to good use


Full Tilt Poker Bluffing is an integral component to any top poker player’s arsenal and the ability to bluff successfully is usually the difference between coming third in a tournament and winning the jackpot.

Unfortunately, it takes time and resources to learn how to do it well in Texas Hold’em, which is why developing your bluff game is the perfect way to use your poker bonus.

The art of the bluff is to sell your opponent the idea you have a stronger hand than you actually do in order to bully them out of the game. Every top poker player in casinos and online bluffs as a means of stripping the competition before eyeing up the big money.

Often a bluffer will start with a mid-range opening bet to test the waters and see who is in or out, and come the river jump on his false opportunity and bet high. This is risky if you’re up against someone who has just nailed three kings on the river, so others tend to bluff after the river if they sense the playing field is still fairly weak.

Developing different strategies in the bluff does take time and this is where your online poker bonus comes in. Using your bonus to experiment in Texas Hold’em is a good strategy to developing your future game without risk.

With some hands use your poker bonus to bluff early and trick away your opponents while other times – and if you sense a good hand coming – it may be wise to simply match anyone’s bet before raising the stakes at the flop.

If you don’t feel comfortable bluffing straight away then simply observing others is a great way to learn the art. Watch what cards other players are winning hands with and see how much and when they are raising the steaks.

You’ll be surprised how many poker games are won through bluffing and if you’re not willing to do it yourself you won’t get far.

Good Game at the tables!



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