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Heads Up No Limit Cash Games

This game in particular, no limit holdem, is the game to play if you feel that you are ready to take the next step in your poker playing career.

Heads up cash game players are the most profitable players on the internet today.

The level of aggression should be at its highest mark when playing a heads up cash game. Most players will make the mistake in playing every hand which in most cases is never the best way to play.

To start with a strategy of a 3 times the big blind raise before the flop at lower limits is best and as you move up to the higher limits a minimum raise before the flop can be the best play before the flop. It all depends on how your opponent reacts to these different raise before the flop.

You should be able to adjust your range of hands depending on how your opponent is playing back at you. If your opponent is 3 betting a lot before the flop then you should fold more hands before the flop and wait for a big hand to take down a nice pot. If your opponent is just calling before the flop from the button or just calling your button raises, you can control almost the whole match.

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Playing the flop in no limit cash games should be the easiest part of no limit cash games. You will almost always continuation bet the flop for half the pot to the full size of the pot depending on how strong your hand is.

Taking the correct lines in the long run can make or save you a lot of money. The small pots and small bets add up in the end. Playing the flop should be very simple most of the time unless you are playing against a very aggressive opponent that tends to check raise your bets.

In essence you can just continuation bet with nothing and win the pot a great deal of the time, but other times even if you do continuation bet with nothing and get called, you can shut down and lose less than if you continued to bet the turn and the river.

The river is either going to make or break you if you are a heads up no limit player.

Some players will bluff far too often 3 times and get a big pot taken from them for no reason. If you are playing very aggressive there is a great chance that even at the lowest limits your opponent will recognize this and just let you build the pot.

If you are not making hands on the river sometimes shutting down and checking can be the best play. Other times it is up for interpretation though because only you will really know over time if bluffing the river is the best idea depending on the texture of the board.

However, if you are making big hands on the river you want to get paid off for them. Depending on the size of the pot this can either mean you can make an over bet and get paid off sometimes or you can make a smallish value bet and get paid off more often. It all depends on your read on your opponent and what they are willing to call with the hand range that they could have.

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